Announcing the Mountain Goat Trail ‘Go Grundy’ Campaign


We’re excited to unveil the MGTA’s Go Grundy campaign! Over the next three years, we plan to reach these goals:

  • Extend the Mountain Goat Trail from Monteagle to Tracy City, enabling walkers and cyclists to travel 13 miles between Tracy City and Sewanee on the Trail
  • Work with our community partners to create and promote events and programs which encourage use of the Trail for healthy activities
  • Create safe walking and biking for schoolchildren along the Trail
The MGTA is committed to raising $150,000 over the next three years, leveraging almost $1 million in private and government funding for the Trail. We’ve already received commitments from the Lyndhurst Foundation, the Recreational Trails Program, and the Sewanee Community Chest, among many others.
The Downtown Tracy City section is being funded by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives program, with the Town of Tracy City providing the match.
The Tracy City Phase 2 section is being funded by a Recreational Trails Program grant awarded to the MGTA by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, with the MGTA providing the match.

The Monteagle-Tracy City segment is being funded by a Project Diabetes grant to the MGTA.

Donations to the MGTA will support the Go Grundy program. Watch for more updates and announcements coming very soon!

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    • Hi! The Downtown Tracy City section is set to break ground in the next few months. Preliminary design work has been begun on the rest of the Trail between Tracy City and Monteagle, with a completion date of 2019.

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