Local youth ask for Mountain Goat donations instead of birthday presents

Above: Libby and Porter present $400 in donations to Barry Rollins, MGTA board member and officer of Community State Bank.

When Porter and Libby celebrated their birthdays earlier this month, they decided to raise money for the Mountain Goat Trail instead of receiving presents. As their mom said, “I think the thought of getting so much at Christmas time bothered some part inside of them. This way they were able to celebrate with lots of friends and feel like they were doing something important. The MGT was a natural fit because we use it so much and so many of their friends do, too. It’s ‘real’ to them.”

We at the Alliance were thrilled by their actions. Janice Thomas, board president, said, “We were all so impressed by Porter and Libby’s maturity, to think outside themselves and help a cause they support.”

Altogether the two raised $400, which they presented to the MGTA at Community State Bank.

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