Tracy City releases map of Mountain Goat Trail project

To view or download map, click on the photo.

The Town of Tracy City has released a map showing the route of the Downtown Tracy City project, consisting of more than a mile of the Mountain Goat Trail. The paved 10-foot-wide path will connect Tracy City Elementary School with the downtown area of Tracy City. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year.

According to Tracy City Mayor Larry Phipps, the project will benefit the town in a number of ways. “The Mountain Goat Trail will give our residents a safe place to exercise and be outside,” Mayor Phipps said. “It will also give visitors another way to enjoy our town.”

The project is made possible by a $604,000 Transportation Alternatives grant to the town from the Tennessee Department of Transportation. The Mountain Goat Trail Alliance has provided technical assistance to the town for the grant.

The map was created by Chris Van de Ven of the Landscape Analysis Lab, University of the South.

The project is one of three grants currently funded for the Mountain Goat Trail between Tracy City and Monteagle. The six total miles of trail under the three grants are scheduled to be completed by 2019.

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  1. The proposed route crosses streets at 5 cites which creates risk to walkers and cyclists.Otherwise, it is very good news.

  2. As it happens, that’s the same number of crossings as the Sewanee-Monteagle section, including the 41A crossing at Mooney’s. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had no serious incidents in the 2.5 years since opening that section, and we can hope for similar outcomes in Tracy City. Thanks for your support of the Trail!

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